Supporting Stockport Youth Orchestra

The main overheads in running this youth orchestra include music hire, venue hire, and payment for our professional staff. The committee is run by parent volunteers.

Historically we have always aimed to keep our player subscription as affordable as possible, and consequently we rely on income from government grants. Sadly these grants have been decreasing year on year, and we need to seek out corporate sponsorship.

Stockport Youth Orchestra greatly values support offered to it. This support, which is not necessarily financial, includes working relationships with other organisations such as:

  • Stockport Music Service
  • Manchester Camerata
  • Stockport Rotary
  • Stockport Youth Choir
  • Radio Starlion (Stepping Hill Hospital Radio)
Violin at Recital Evening.

Manchester Camerata

Manchester Camerata’s Youth Partner

Stockport Youth Orchestra and Manchester Camerata have formed a unique partnership to promote classical music through a variety of projects. SYO players will be able to see how a professional orchestra rehearses, and attend Manchester Camerata concerts at very special rates. In the future, we will be exploring exciting ways of working together.

If you are interested in becoming a patron of Stockport Youth Orchestra or you’re a local business thinking about sponsorship we’d love to hear from you.